Last March, 7th we witnessed the generosity of the human heart.

Elena Huelva's family @emihupa, @emipalomo4, @huelva_manuel, thanks to the collaboration of the team of @juegaterapiaorg, made Elena's dreams real. An emotive act, with the music of @valeria.c. We are sure Elena would have loved it.

From @geis_sarcomas and SEHOP, we are grateful for the support to the research that, through the grant #becaelenahuelvajuegaterapia, make it possible ofr Spain to participate in the European trial InterEwing-1 to improve the prognostic of recently diagnosed patients.

Thank you for delivering hope to many homes and for making them realise they are not alone. #teruelexisteylossarcomastambien #sarcoma #research #sarcomaawareness

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