Agreement GEIS and Fundación Mari Paz Jiménez Casado for 2019

The agreement of collaboration for 2019 between the Spanish Group for Research on Sarcoma and the Foundation Mari Paz Jiménez Casado was signed on January, 17th by Dr. Claudia Valverde and Mr. Alberto Martínez, as representatives of each part.

An agreement has been signed between both organizations since 2014.

Educational Area:

Development of two Grants for the II Master on Sarcomas, Course 2018-19

Prize to the best evaluation of the II Master on Sarcomas

Prize to the best evaluation of the XI la mejor evaluación del XI Advanced Course on Sarcomas

Collaboration and auspices of GEIS for the Course "IV Curso de Enfermería en Sarcomas"

Clinical Educational Area:

Collaboration on the en las criteria, dissemination and evaluation of the FMPJC 2019 grants:

6th Edition of the FMPJC Grant for Clinical Rotation on Sarcomas

4th Edition of the FMPJC Grant of Oncological Nurse Rotation on Sarcomas

3rd Medical Grant FMPJC of support for international Observer

Research Area:


GEIS conducts a follow-up of the Triennial Grants of the FMPJC during the three years of duration of these grants.

3rd Triennial FMPJC Grant for Research on Sarcoma (€ 75,000 gross)

Currently, the following grants are in effect:

1st FMPJC Triennial Grant 2017: “Caracterización potencial predictivo/ terapéutico de FBXO32 como mediador crítico de señalización oncogénica de KIT/PDGFRA en (GIST).” PI: Dr Serrano. Sarcoma Traslational Research Group, Vall d’Hebron (VHIO), Barcelona.

2nd FMPJC Triennial Grant 2018: “Estudio impacto supervivencia y calidad de vida del diagnóstico anatomopatológico centraliazado de sarcomas en España”, PI: Dr. Romagosa. Sarcoma Traslational Research Group, Vall d’Hebron (VHIR), Barcelona.


The FMPJC provides partial financial support to the GEIS Grants of the 13th Edition of the Grant José Mª Buesa.

Moreover, with the objective of contributing to the advance in the knowledge on sarcoma, contributing to the visibility and awareness of this disease in society. This collaboration consists on:

a) Promotion of prevention, scientific research and education on sarcomas
b) Provide health professionals with educational opportunities
c) Promote the transference of knowledge and results of clinical research to clinical practice

Mutual support is assumed in those actions where both organizations might have common interests, such as events of dissemination of Sarcoma information, XVII GEIS International Symposium, etc.

Also, GEIS, FMPJC and other sarcoma patients associations provide support to the Sarcoma Platform and the "Route Map for Spanish Autonomous Communities". The aim is to propose policies that change the current situation on Sarcoma holding meetings with authorities of different Automonous Communities and show the conern as well as inform of the followng actions:

a. Improve of resources at Reference Centers (RC)
b. Establish criteria that allow to identify those patients who might get a greater benefit if transfered to CSUR centers from other hospitals.
c. Develop a model of Network of pathologists to improve the quality on diagnosis of sarcoma.

This will all contribute to encourage the fight against Sarcoma and improve the quality of life of patients.